Murray Clark

Director Consultant

Murray’s competency is widely ranged, having spent over 30 years in agriculture; he was, and still is involved in the production of and consultation for specialist and non-specialist fresh produce, soft fruit and vegetables. Out of his experience operating in a developmental context, Murray developed practical methods to improve skill levels and quality through intensive training which he devised and which involved a systematic benchmarking approach.

Much of his work has been in sustainable agriculture where he developed an awareness of the effects of chemical and cultural practices on the environment and the introduction of IPM. He has promoted this in multiple countries some of which had little or no chemical availability except that which was imported by the projects which he ran. He has worked on projects in DR Congo, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa where the brief has been to develop commercial agriculture whilst, in some cases, assisting community growers in becoming commercially orientated out –growers for the commercial hub.

Murray has extensive experience in the post-harvest handling, drying and storage of grains gained from 15 years experience in the UK where all grains are dried and stored on farm.

Arising from his involvement in various arid regions in Africa, Murray has developed significant expertise in irrigation management – scheduling, crop requirements and effective use of water, advising Western Cape farmers, among others, on correct irrigation practice.

Murray has significant knowledge of Quality Assurance Systems for food safety/hygiene having gained accreditations for EuropGAP, HACCP, BRC, Marks &Spencer’s Field to Fork, Tesco’s Natures Choice and ethical audits carried out by client companies.