Case Study

Kibali Gold Mine | DRC

Engaged by Rand Gold Resources/Anglo Gold Ashanti to oversee and manage the agricultural transition of 17,000 people from their existing villages to a newly built city required by the expansion of a mine. The five-year project required the implementation and management of the successful re-settlement of small and subsistence farmers with particular reference to their agricultural activities and livestock.

The project undertook a baseline study to understand the community’s crop profile and production scale and determine whether these could be replicated at the new site.

Agri-Africa also advised the community on better agricultural practices and undertook training of key managers and foremen to expand the knowledge base of the farming community.

Larger community projects were also undertaken including the importation of improved varieties of cassava from Uganda.  These were then planted on 10 ha of community land and grown through to harvest demonstrating new methods of cultivation and how to obtain increased yields through varietal selection and good land preparation.

A further project undertaken was the growers of Artemisia which is a WHO recognized treatment for malaria. A selected village prepared 5 ha of land for the planting and the seeds were imported from the UK and planted. The initial goal of the project was to sell the Artemisia leaves to a processor in Uganda for conversion into Artemisinin tablets for sale and distribution. Later, it was learnt that the use of the leaves in a “tea” was equally effective against malaria. The leaves were therefore retained for the making of tea – to be consumed by both the growers and wider communities.