Case Study

Food Value Chain Analysis – Middle Eastern Client

Engaged by a Middle Eastern government agency to assess and analyse food security options. The brief required the client to be appraised as to which country certain products could be sourced from, as well as how to vertically integrate the supply chain from host producer country to final delivery in the client’s own country.

The project reviewed over 150 different food products from 45 countries including an analysis of the necessary logistics line to ensure food safety from field to consumer.

All the relevant food groups were investigated during the study to assess availability, continuity of supply, cost of production and quality of production. A review was carried out to identify where the client could invest in the value chain to further increase the food security element through control of production, packing or logistics.

Various countries were visited to get a more realistic arms-length logistical sense for the shortlisted production areas and be able to evaluate individual investment opportunities for presentation to the client.

A risk analysis was undertaken for each of the 45 target countries and for each value chain, which included mitigation plans for each enabling the data to be used by the client for decision-making purposes