Unlocking Africa's
Agricultural Potential

Practical solutions for sustainable agriculture

Unlocking Africa's
Agricultural Potential

Practical solutions for sustainable agriculture


An association of agricultural advisors with specialised competence in agricultural development, strategic planning, agribusiness solutions and project management.


Every project in the fields of agribusiness and agricultural development offers multiple challenges. Agri-Africa crafts solutions drawn from the information environments in which such challenges are embedded – information that must be gathered, interrogated, analysed and finally, formulated into a meaningful and practical response. This process requires a team-based effort guided by a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Mindful of this, we offer clients:

  • In-depth investigation and research
  • Client-centred assessment and analysis
  • Data-driven agribusiness solutions
  • Efficient project implementation
  • Results-oriented agri-business enterprise management
  • Hands-on agricultural project management


At Agri-Africa we know the importance of working in consultation with local stakeholders and on the ground experts. We have developed extensive experience through the implementation of multiple projects across Sub-Saharan Africa



Those who seek to extend their reach and increase their effectiveness in the agricultural domain: rural development agencies, agribusiness enterprises, governments, co-operatives, investors and NGOs


Agri-Africa’s core team and associate group take a conscientious, deliberative and client-centred approach to deliverables.


Our consulting and management services are underwritten by four philosophical guidelines:

  • Sustainability: The critical yardstick against which our strategic planning is measured.
  • Compatibility: The synergies we create through research, design and operational performance.
  • Equity: The socio-political imperatives we strongly support ensure a fair deal for all stakeholders.
  • Quality: The highest standards of excellence and accountability.


A typical advisory assignment goes through three distinct yet interconnected stages: contextualise, analyse and resolve. The process typically involves in-depth research in the field and via desktop as well as regular consultation with clients and stakeholders. It concludes with a comprehensive report and follow-up presentation.


Agri-Africa offers a wide range of management and oversight services designed around the specific needs of our client.

Kulisha Africa

Kulisha Africa is a project-based Agri-Africa initiative seeking to partner with Governments, NGOs and Entrepreneur/Investors in the field of Rural Development. The objective is to develop greenfield projects designed to contribute in meaningful ways to agricultural development. We see this as an appropriate catalyst to accelerate the industrialisation of African Nations.