Management Services

Management services

Direct Project Management

Investors and funding agencies often face difficulties in putting plans and operational strategies into practice. Many deals and interventions initiated in good faith with sound assumptions and acheivable goals have failed at the initiation or during operational phases owing to a lack of experienced ‘boots on the ground’.

Agri-Africa brings the cumulative experiences of its members and associates to each project thereby filling the management gap between project conception and operation. Each Agri-Africa operational package is tailored to suit the client’s management requirements, from cross border to local, from boardroom to field. Experience on the ground has taught us that in Africa the human element that is paramount in achieving successful farming results.

Agri-Africa’s first and foremost goal is to understand (and become compatible with) the sensitive socio-political balances affecting each agricultural project we undertake - even before the first sod is turned. Agri-Africa has the capacity to plan, implement and manage under contract projects of any size anywhere in Africa incorporating all operational services necessary to achieve an economically sustainable agricultural enterprise

Quality Management

‘Quality is a pre-condition for sustaining a satisfied customer base’ . . . . a truism in our consumer-led, demanding times. As food is sourced from more diverse places, and supermarkets have to supply an ever greater percentage to the end customer, the emphasis on food safety, traceability and good agricultural practice has taken centre stage as a marketing tool.

Within the ranks of Agri-Africa’s network is the competence to design, implement and manage the necessary systems to comply with quality standards. Here are some of the better known systems that we can design and directly insert into the farming practice:

ISO9001:2000 - Quality Management Systems
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
Tesco’s Nature’s Choice and Marks & Spencer Field to Fork

Recognition as a quality producer or exporter by one or more Quality Assurance schemes has important operational implications. A seemingly trivial technical error in the field or lapse of management in the packhouse can escalate into a crisis if the results of those oversights appear in a foreign market. Rejection or impoundment of a food product can result in irretrievable losses - both financially and in terms of market credibility. Given the stakes, it is critical to beyond simply monitoring product flow at the so called ‘critical control points’, it is equally important to understand and manage the effects on quality of operational decisions such as:

          Pre harvest irrigation
          Harvesting time
          Cooling time
          Post harvest handling
          Cool chain

Here too, Agri-Africa can help growers to design and implement effective quality-focused control methods to reduce the financial and reputational risks of lapses in quality management.

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