Our Advisory Services

The core members of Agri-Africa, together with the associate network, offer a wide spectrum of services in the agricultural sector covering:

investigative work

• strategy formulation

• operational issues.

The accumulative experience and skills of our consultants enable us to provide advice and research on economic, technical, human resource and general policy aspects.


Agri-Africa applies quantitative and qualitative frameworks to evaluate farming and agro-processing operations using vital factor, cost benefit, sector baseline and policy impact analysis. Research teams deliver insightful and actionable marketing systems reviews, feasibility studies, enterprise valuation, project appraisals and supply chain evaluations. At the environmental level we conduct soils research, document land use potential, conduct environmental impact analyses and document economic impacts on natural resource bases.


Agri-Africa's planning competencies include farm and agri-business budgeting, financial control, cash flow analysis, enterprise finance, strategic management, economic planning and manpower/labour development plans.

If it can’t be counted and documented, it can’t be managed is a cornerstone Agri-Africa principle.

Strategy formulation is supported by data recording and interpretation, information management and data driven decision making


Agri-Africa offers professional services in the areas of rural development, project implementation with initial and follow-up staff training. Agri-Africa carries out Employment Equity and Work Skills planning for farmers and agro-processors and advises on government sponsored "learnership" policyincluding documentation and compliance

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