Agri-Africa is an African based team of agricultural consultants and practitioners operating in the interlocking fields of business, agriculture and agro-political policy.

Competence, experience and credibility are the core traits of effective and insightful consultancies, traits fundamental to Agri-Africa’s value system. Many of our network of agribusiness professionals are recognised as leaders in their respective fields and have lived and worked in Angola, DR Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia

A careful allignment of skills and experience allows Agri-Africa to offer a full spectrum of agribusiness advisory and management services. Project teams are assembled and matched to client’s unique situation and needs. Agri-Africa’s sophisticated investgative and research capabilities deliver superior strategy formulation and operational results to the private, government and NGO sectors

Key Areas of Operation

Agri-Africa offers effective investigative and research capability delivering superior strategy formulation and operational results to business, government and NGO clients.

Agri-Africa's management emphasis is on commercially viable and sustainable agriculture (sustainable in the broadest sense) made possible through the comprehensive range of skills offered by the teams it can put together

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